Aaron Hermoso | Tattoo Artist in Norfolk, VA

I have been a fan of the visual arts as far back as I can remember. My father had worked as a graphic designer and there was something about “creating” that lit the fire inside of me. As I grew older, I got interested in tattoos, the history and the application of actually “drawing with a needle” on someone’s skin.

Not only do I enjoy the art behind each tattoo, but also the story behind the person and their choice of tattoo. Each person that comes to me has a tale to tell – some fun and some heavy. I appreciate it all. It’s an honor to bring that story to life through tattooing.

It is my desire to provide quality work for every person that trusts me with their story. If you are looking for a tattoo artist in Norfolk, VA, please consider me. I draw every tattoo with excellence and look forward to meeting you.

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Aaron Hermoso